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Part 1

Post  Blakeway on Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:12 pm

AIN, the Movie (Part 1)

It all started in Seattle. Bruce Martin, a computer addict woke up this Sunday morning in a good shape. Everyone called him: Computer Guy. He has only 3 jobs on the day. His first was to convert a Ram-035 of 4 GB on a Dell 15” XPS Lap Top.
Computer Guy: Easy shit this morning...
Bruce Martin’s mom: Bruce! Watch your language! And when will you quit my house? You’re 29, c’mon! Found a girl, or a boy, I don’t know!
Computer Guy: Mom! I already said you to call me Computer Guy! I’m leaving!
Bruce Martin’s mom: Don’t forget your lunch!
Computer Guy: I know...
He shuts the door. “I need to quit this town... Maybe going to Tacoma but it’ll be too close...” He went into his truck and started driving.

At the same time in London...

Thomas: Neil, we have a problem...
Neil: What are you talking about?
Thomas: These people will make you fired from your journal if you publish your article!
Neil: Don’t worry... They won’t because they just can’t. I have my source.
Thomas: Well at least give that source...
Neil: Are you crazy!? He’ll be dead, you hear me? Dead!
Thomas had nothing to say after that. He leaved the café and goes to the underground station that was just next to the café. But before entering the station he heard a big noise. Someone screamed then, everyone. Thomas run back to the café to see Neil but what he saw was his friend with a dark hole in the middle of the forehead. He immediately knew it was them. The one Neil’s article was about. Thomas run to the table where he was sitting a minute ago and take the USB key from the lap top Neil has with him. The article was in the USB key...
Spy Boy: Give me the USB key, now!
Thomas: Who are you? What are you talking about?
Spy Boy: Don’t play with me, give us what we are looking for and nothing will happen to you...
Spy Boy stop talking, police sirens were heard. Spy Boy was the other side of the small street where was the café. A truck passed between them. Spy ran to get closer to Thomas, but Thomas wasn’t there. Spy turns his head following the truck motion and saw Thomas on the top of the truck. Spy yelled something to the guy behind him: “Start the car!” What he did. Spy Boy and Agent Sky Guy were after Thomas. The truck, where Thomas was on top, slowed down at an intersection. Thomas gets off it and started running. King Cross Station was just at 2 streets from there...


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Re: Part 1

Post  Thomas on Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:34 pm

That is one old image of our magnificent city. :P
And I'm glad that the secret agents shoot Neil - he was a rubbish journalist anyway. :lol!:


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