Part 2

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Part 2

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Part 2

Thomas ran as fast as he can. Thomas came into the station. Agent Sky Guy and Spy Boy followed him, but soon lost him in the crowd. Then, Agent Sky Guy took out his Glock Pistol and shoots one time in the air; everyone panicked. Everyone crouched for fear of being shot. Thus, Agent Sky Guy and Spy Boy could easily see Thomas running toward the other side of the station. Spy Boy took out his Colt Pistol and shoots one time to Thomas, but he was too far away.
Agent Sky Guy: Geez... Spy, run that way I’ll go the other so we can get him.
Spy Boy: Sure, watch out with the cops.
Agent Sky Guy: It’s Scotland Yard; they don’t even have guns!
They both get to an opposite direction trying to catch Thomas.
Thomas was confused: “All this just because of an article, well what article? Neil and his secrets...”. Then Thomas heard a gunshot. He immediately get down and look behind him. Spy Boy was after him.
Spy Boy: Freeze! Give me the USB key!
Thomas: Shut up! Here is it...
Then Thomas threw something to Spy Boy. Spy Boy was too surprised and, in a way, happy about Thomas’ reaction that he didn’t notice Thomas started to run just after throwing the thing: It was a knife. Because of the sun, Spy Boy didn’t see it clearly so he thinks it was the USB key, so when he catches it, he was cut on his hands badly.
Spy Boy: Ah!! I’m gonna kill you! You hear me?!
Then Spy Boy took his cell phone and called Agent Sky Guy.
Agent Sky Guy: What? Did you found it?
Spy Boy: Yes, but he escape me, I got all my ha-.
Agent Sky Guy: What? Where is he!?
Spy Boy: He quit the station by the North...
Agent Sky Guy: Remember me to kick your ass when I’ll catch him...
Agent Sky Guy returned to his car, but there were cops everywhere so he gets in a small road and steal a motorcycle. Thomas was already gone in the subway station, going to Heathrow...


1:45 PM – Geoffin, the Holy Empire of Geoffia...
In the hearth of the Geoffia Palace, Emperor Geoffrey IV was in his office we all his ministers from every regions of the Empire. The Emperor’s right arm, Nate the Great, duke of Lycanthrope, proposed an invasion of Denmark.
Emperor Geoffrey IV: I see that you’re not beat around the bush...
Nate the Great: I swear, my emperor, that we are stronger and better than the Danish!
Emperor Geoffrey IV: I see that you think that attack is the best form of defence? Do you know the expression “To bite off more than one can chew.”? King Zachary of Denmark is my wife’s brother? Did you forget that? I know it was, one day, the dream of every Geoffian to invade Denmark, but in time of prosperity, friends are plenty! And I want to keep them!
Nate the Great: I know, me emperor, but with all those friends, we may invade Denmark, even Germany if we wanted to!
Emperor Geoffrey IV: Fortune favours the bold... I’m gonna think about that. This session is over, thank you for coming.
Nate the Great quited the Geoffia Palace with rage, he knew that if the Emperor was “gonna think” about that, the problem won’t be solve after months, because he’ll forget about it. “And that stupid Emperor can’t even talk normally? He’s always putting stupid proverbs in all his phrases!”. Nate joined his best friend Tyler at the Shneils Café, a politic café.
Tyler: So, did he accept the project?
Nate: No, he’s really blocked... What about our business in London?
Tyler: Partly success...
Nate: Explain?
Tyler: Well they got the journalist, like planned, but the journalist friend took the article that was in a USB key and Agent Sky Guy and Spy Boy lost him.
Nate: Shit! We’ll need to fix that. Well on a serious note, how’s Pety?
Tyler: GodPeterZilla?
Nate: Yep...
Tyler: I feed him this morning with two cats; I think he’ll be fine.
Nate: Nice, thanks.
Tyler: So, with the journalist’s friend... Do we still continue the project or not?
Nate: Absolutely!
The waitress came see the two men.
Emgie: May I serve you something, sir?
Nate: Yes, hmm Emgie... I’ll take a coffee.
Emgie: Colombian Coffee? Brazilian? Costa Rica? Guatemalam? Jamaican? Nicaraguan? Peruvian? Mexican? Arabic? Tanzanian? Kenyan? Ethiopian? Indian? Java? Sumatran? Celebian? Hawaiian? Would you like it as a: Expresso? White coffee? Expresso with a drop of milk, also known as Cortado in spanish? Cappuccino? Coffee chocolate? Vienna Coffee? Mocha? Affogato? American coffee? Drip coffee or brewed Pot Coffee?
Nate: What the heck? Just serve me stupid coffee!
Emgie: I repeat, do you want it Colombia, Brazilian, Cost-
Nate: Stop! I just want a dark coffee with two sugars...
Emgie: But from which nation?!
Nate: Hmm, can you repeat them?
Tyler: Oh my god, he just want a Colombian coffee, dark with two sugars. You know?
Emgie: I’ll check if we have that...
And she left.
Nate: What is that place?
Tyler: I told you politicians’ cafés weren’t good...
Nate: For being bad, they are bad!
They talked about their plan for an hour again and then they went back to Lycanthrope.

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