Kingdom of Serpent River-A Vanilla CJ

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Kingdom of Serpent River-A Vanilla CJ

Post  Joshriddle1234 on Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:51 pm

I'm gonna bring this here from my site and Simmania.
Serpent River is a region I put together in a week. This CJ is based off of the Fairview starter region, and I renamed it to Serpent River. This DD is vanilla meaning it only uses Maxis buildings, yet my game still has Deluxe and RH, of course.

The regions main town is Serpent Foothill, which started out good, but has recently hit some economic issues. More on that in the coming update.

The main industry is agriculture, which actually, is only present in the western sector of the region, because east of Serpent Foothill the terrain starts to get rigid and mountainous, making growing agricultural goods very tedious and difficult.

There are mainly slums living all across the region, however, this small neighborhood in Northeast Serpent Foothill called Oakland gives homes to the more fortunate sims. However this neighborhood may soon fall to the wrath of the economy.

Out east, as you start gaining altitude and slowly approach the arid deserts, there are small towns splotched out across the top of the main ridge, the most natural looking and beautiful of these is Serpent Junction, which sits right on top of the Great Serpent Ridge, which is indicated by the yellow square in region view.

Let's jump back to Serpent Foothill, and its most poor and lonely town, Southridge. This is where some of the entirely unemployed sims live, and some of them live on the streets here. This is an extremely unfortunate town.

At night, the city seems a tad lively. But usually these sims are up wathcing TV, there are barely any cars on the street.

One of the major transportation routes is Highway 150, which loops around the west side of the Great Serpent Ridge.

Highway 242 is the only easy route out of the city, which can be easily accessed from Serpent Foothill, instead of having to drive the backroads through the arid country to drive out the north side. This picture shows the river, and a sign from when the region and city was more fortunate and rich.

Please post your comments, suggestions, and questions. Thanks for looking!

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Re: Kingdom of Serpent River-A Vanilla CJ

Post  ForthWall on Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:08 pm

Nice but I suggest a slope mod for those hills.


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