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Reupload Request Registration

Post  Liberater444 on Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:29 am

I recently PM'd Bixel, a favored HKBAT member, about reuploading some of his work to the STEX in packs. Basically, all credit would go to Bixel, but I'd be making the buildings ploppable without them getting AB'd.

So as always, check here for BETA releases. As a Beta Tester, your job is to DL these packs and tell me if the modifications work. I will be uploading some Beta Packs and making a form to fill out shortly.

These packs are looking like limited releases, with a few of the included towers with mods to make sure the mod technique is working. Just choose "Cheetah Speed" (3x) and watch the plops closely, if they last 1+ years then the mod is considered a success.

For the meanwhile, if anyone has a request for a Res-plop/grow lot to be modded, just fill out the following form:

Project Name:
Link to Download:
Link to Dependencies:

Due to unlicensed material possibly being modded, at this point I will be sending finished requests privately.

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